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About Wren Music ...

About Wren Music ...

Wren's Vision: A World Where Every Voice Is Heard


Wren is a music charity with over 30 years’ experience in delivering all aspects of community music.


Wren’s mission is to work with music and culture:

  • to educate
  • to inspire creativity
  • to promote inclusion
  • to celebrate identity and diversity


We enable thousands of people every year to participate with music using voice or instruments, through traditional and folk music, and can offer "off the shelf" workshops or build projects around your needs (for more information on our project work please see the Projects page).


One of our key differentiators is providing a large store of musical instruments and music technology; not only does this allow groups without their own instruments to participate, it also enables high quality recording.


Today Wren is deeply rooted in the local communities all across Devon through our Regular Groups as well as having a national and international reach, working in partnership with traditional artists from all over the world. Wren runs events and concerts, with many opportunities to get involved as well as to listen. If you'd like to know what's happening in your area, please visit our Groups and Events pages.


Wren is based in the South West and has a particular focus on the traditional songs and music of Devon, but we work with a wide range of Regional partners and have links with World Music organisations in South Africa, Newfoundland, Romania, Italy and Finland.




Back: Rebecka Lyons, Nick Wyke

Front left to right: Matt Norman, Sarah Owen, David Faulkner, Paul Wilson, Marilyn Tucker, Becki Driscoll

The Wren Team


Here is a picture of the Wren team of professional music leaders, educators and performers. As well as their teaching, group leading and project work they also perform as The Wren Band. For their backgrounds and biographies please see the Staff Team page. (photo: Dave Green)

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