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Wren’s Regular Groups ...


‘Roots’ (Youth Groups)


We also offer participation in music for both beginners and more experienced young people. 


Visit our 'Roots' (Youth Groups) page for young people aged 8-19 




Special Events for our Groups


As well as the regular groups we run occasional special events such as concerts, ceilidhs and joint Orchestra/Choir Days – see Events



Wren's massed Choirs & Orchestras


At least once a year, for example at the Sidmouth Folk Festival, all three orchestras and five choirs get together to create an ensemble of well over a hundred musicians and singers.  The choirs and orchestras rehearse pre-agreed tunes and songs in their own groups and then come together for a final big rehearsal before a concert.  Here's a photo of our combined choirs and orchestras playing and singing together .....

‘Voices in Common’ (Folk Choirs):


‘Rough Music’ (Folk Orchestras)


mass choir & orchestra

Wren runs regular open access programmes for both adults and young people. These groups aim to inspire and challenge beginners and experts alike in friendly, informal settings across Devon.

Our programmes are grouped under three brands:


  • Rough Music:  Folk Orchestras
  • Voices in Common: Folk Choirs
  • Roots: Youth Groups


To join a Wren Group there are no auditions and no requirement to read music. We firmly believe that absolutely everybody can sing and play. We provide a welcoming atmosphere in which new members can feel safe to try out their voices or instruments and express themselves.  We work by ear much of the time, and provide scores and back up if needed. One of our mantras is "To join a Wren Music group, you don't have to read music, there are no auditions and it's not a competition".


The Wren music team have all signed up to a professional code of practice, and deliver expert music leadership. You'll feel at home in any of our Groups, whatever your ability level – just come along and try

The first session is FREE


Folk Groups


Our folk orchestras and choirs are mixed ability groups for those aged 14 yrs and above, please come along to try out your voice or instrument. Please click on the links below for more information.

Example Resources for Orchestral Groups:


Music scores and MP3s are available to group members - a link will be supplied by group leader. Here is an example arrangement of Seven Stars (sheet music) ....


Example Resources for Choir Groups:


This is the kind of resource we prepare for every song.  This particular piece Roll Cotton Down is a little known shanty collected in Devonport, Plymouth by Cyril Tawney.

  • sheet music
  • lyric sheet
  • mp3 audio guide

These resources show how our Community Musicians prepare their sessions and encourage learning both by ear and through sheet music. Members of our choirs and orchestras get access to these resources for every tune or song. (Scores are also available transposed for brass instruments!)